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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Memories will soon fade away D:

I think they may suits a better team without me . Ya . They are better without me . Maybe i should be th one being extra in thaat team no matter what . I agree . Because i'm always th one being left out in that team . Nobody knows how i feel , only me myself knows it . I shouldn't have come to this world , full of sadness . No happiness . Happiness has past & it cannot be replay . All i can do now is too keep everything to myself . On tuesday , someone called & tell me that i'm in th group with *** , i say how come ? Is it teacher group one , ** say no . ** say because nobody want to group with me . This shows how 'best friend' are . You all may deny , but to me , i find it true . Somehow , i feel that our friendship will end sooner or later . Maybe i really did change . No one to talk to in class , in badminton as well . All i know now is there isn't true friends in this world at all . All i can trust is MYSELF . NO ONE ELSE ! Never mind . Don't wish to talk about it anymore . All i hope is our friendship won't be gone in just a few days/weeks/months time . Those memories are really very difficult to forget but i cannot stuck in th past . I must face th reality that everyone change , even me . True friends ? Don't mention it infront of me anymore because i don't want to hear . Do you know how disappointed and upset i was when ** say that nobody wants to group me ? I don't think you guys know .

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