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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friends ? What are friends fr ?

hmm , what are friends fr thn ?
This is my 199th post .
Hopefully , i will be able to post tmr .
Can anyone just tell me what friends are fr ?
Btw , north-zone is coming in 2 days time .
Damn scary derh can ?
Btw , wish us good luck alrights ?
We will strive our best derh ! <3>To all C Division girls ;
Hey girls , we must really jiayou alrights ?
I am going to paair with Ashly in th North-Zone & Durene will be pairing with Christel .
Let's all just give our best shot .
Th main point fr this tournament is not about winning but it is about showing what you have learn fr th past 1 year .
So let's just do our best & not let our coach and teacher in charge down .
No matter what , as long as we can see that we have put in lots of effort , we have already won lerh !
No matter what , just remember that Bowen Badminton are always there fr you derh .
Whereas fr th Sec 1s , i'm not too sure of them lerh . Because i only know them fr 2 weeks .
Wanna hope you all will stay in this team & make Bowen proud alright ?
Anything , just tell th seniors & seniors will be there to help you all derh .
We will help when we can .
No matter what , do stay in this team .
It is really fun derh .
You will know it when you stay fr 1 year .
BOWEN BADMINTON , DO YOUR BEST IN COURT ALRIGHTS ? i BELIEVE WE CAN DO IT DERH ! School motto ; i believe , therefore i am . We will strive to get into Top 4 derh ! Let's all just jiayou & trash our opponent .
Sec 2 work are really tough ?
How am i going to earn my freedom ?
By studying hard and get a result they want to achieve what i want .
I will derh . && I really don't want tuition but i simply can't understand what th hack is th teacher teaching fr maths .
I don't even understand i single bit .
So you guys tell me , how am i going to earn my freedom when i can't even understand i single bit of maths ?
I sucks luhh ! -.- !
It's true .
Sorry friends if i scare you yesterday . I am really sorry about it .
I didn't mean to be sore & lose temper on you all in court .
I hope you guys understand .
Cos North-zone coming and i'm really afraid that we can't be in Top 4 but i must have faith in our team !
Cheryl sincerely apologise fr what had happen yesterday .
I promise that what happened yesterday won't happen in future regardless i'm in court or with friends .
Am i really loving you ? I really don't know . Just realise that maybe you are th onei'm waiting fr ? No matter what , i just want to hope that i'm not going to be a fool in love anymore . Wanna hope my trust fr you won't make me a fool . Anyway , thanks fr peiing me chat this morning & yesterday night . Had a great chat with you yeahhs . But i know i'm annoying right ? I have nothing to say D: Love is a really difficult thing . How old am i only ? As what you said , i'm just a little girl . Ya , i'm just a little girl . In everybody's eye , i'm not a 14 year old kid . Father say i don't act like a 14 year old kid . So am i immature ? Ya , i think so . Simply a immature 14 year old little girl .

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