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Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm changing ?

Hello !
Sian , now stomach ache ehhs,
North-Zone coming in 3 days time .
Hmm , today had some misunderstanding with friends but eventually we understand .
People , if i change until very scary , can you just tell me ?
I don't want to be hated by lots of you .
Btw , Seniors , hope you like th shoelace that Ashly , Christel & me bought fr you all (:
Th main thing fr th shoelace is not national flag but it is to show that th girls team are unite(:
Wear in on th day of our tournament okay ? ^^
I'm sorry when i'm playing in court in th afternoon .
I'm really sorry about it because i somehow have moodswing .
I also don't know why .
But i will never lose my temper on my friends , I PROMISE !
Btw , i don't like him lerh .
I love you , although i think is just a crush but if we know each other more , I hope it is not crush anymore . Hmm , but i can see that you are a great guy . I don't know what will happen in th future but i only care about th present . Just wanna hope that i won't feel that i'm a fool in love . I really hope so .

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