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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hohoho , this is my official 200th post yeahhs !
Damn happy !
Hahas , yesterday 2 plus sleep .
When sleeping that time , keep have a feeling want vomit derh .
Feel so disgusted sia .
&& sms someone .
Okay , i'm bored to death !
Don't think i will be going out today ehhs,
Plus donn't feel like going .
Thursday take th H1N1 jab and friday is damn pain .
I'm going Hong Kong on 12Feb .
Don't feel like going ehhs ,
Cos i scared of height & and i scared i will be afraid on plane .
How people ?
I really don't want to go ehhs !
Hais , no choice .
Thought this year derh Chinese New Year will be very fun but in th end , we are nt celebrating ):
&& Chinese New Year is on 14Feb ley ! Valentines day ley !!!
Why am i so agitated when i don't have one ? Lol
People , do tag me alrights ?
This blog is dieing lerh .
I hate it hor !
Help to keep my alive alrights ?

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