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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Does LOVE really exists ?

Hey people , won th first match with Marsiling @ SJC .
Hmm , 5 nil .
It's a happy thing but we lost to Xinmin .
Kana thraash like nobody's business like that -.-
When playing half way , suddenly break down in court .
I couldn't stand it .
I can't even net properly .
Can't even recieve their smashes -.-
Know how sad it is mahhs ?
Finish th ganme liao , come out of th court .
Cried .
Team mates @ there cheer me up .
Thanks people . But i'm really sad D:
&& I told myself " Next year , I'm gonna thrash them back !"
I will train hard & seriously in training .
Never joke around anymore .
Woke up by Christel's call @ 8.10am .
After that , meet Durene & Christel @ Hougang point & ate th porridgee in KFC .
Damn nice . Go & have a try (:
Hmm , after that , went to school .
Train train train .
Gonna win Anderson !
I have to !
I feel damn sad can ? You are finding me annoying already right ? I feel that loving you is really tough . I don't even know whether you really love me a not . Maybe we are really what i think ; Love @ th first sight . I shouldn't put too much hope in this r/s . Because i know i will get hurt eventually . I feel really very tiring . I bet there's no one can make me have a feeling of being secured because to me , all r/s are meant to hurt me . I kept saying i willl not think about LOVE but do you think is real ? NO ! Do you know that when you are in camp , i missed you like , i can't even study & both nights i wish you text me . It really hurts . Because i don't know whether i really love you a not . I'm really confused . Can anyone tell me what is love ? I feel like i suck @ everything . I really don't wish to get hurt .

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