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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

You are th one in my mind D:

I'm bored !
Hmm , today had training as per normal but got lots of physical today
Cause boys having friendly with Kranji mahhs,
We are having it tomorrow(:
Haas , okay .
I'm bored luhh -.- !
If you are free , do text me alrights ?
Because i am going to die from boredness !
Hais , why can't i have true love ?
Or everlasting love ?
Maybe that's really my fate .
Hmm , do tag my blog people !<3
Seeing you talking to girls just simply made me jealous but what can i do ley ? Do you know that the feeling is damn miserable ? Hais , i suppose you don't . No point talking about all this when you don't even know is you . I shall just zip my mouth & just treat you invisible :X

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