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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jealousy is what i can do only

hmm , yesterday had friendly with Kranji && it sucks to core alrights ?
Sucker luhh me ! -.-
I sucks in Badminton can ?
My singles , i can even get a single digit ehhs .
I played 2nd Single and the match is 21-8 & 21-7.
Sucks right ?
Thn played 1st double .
Paired with Ashly.
I suck again -.-
The score is 21-11 & 21-8.
I suck to core -.- !
After that , need do punishment , i was like WTF siol -.-
Me & Ashly do 120 push-up each ehhs,
Arm damn pain luhh -.-
hais , sian sian !
After that , we went to 644 eat .
Only me & Durene .
But after a while , Jeanette they all seniors came .
Thn we faster eat and go back home.
I bathed , thn i ready lerh .
Follow my mum to Hougang Point.
After a while , Durene came to Hougang Point , thn went to meet her & buy gift .
Thn went to her house to wrap :X
Thn meilin came up & meet us.
Thn went down to wait fr 854 to Bowen backgate.
Meet with JiaJie & Jas .
Walked to Erica's house & it is damn big , i swear !
Damn nice luhh !
when i go in , i was like perspiring siol.
Thn went in & out of the house & ard 6 plus , bbq is ready [:
Mr Lim & Ms Lee came too !
But they only come fr a while thn they leave lerh.
Thn is like kinda jealous about smth :X
Thn play twister *wink*
But hor , i damn lousy luhh -.-
so fast come out lerh -.-
Exchanged gift & i got Chyuan Ming's .
A bit weird but appreciate that.
After that , group picture was taken .
haas , is damn funny !
Thn went to th living room & eat the sweet potato .
Thn Ivan was like sitting infront of us mahhs,
thn shawn went to him .
Suddenly Shawn shout " Whot the song tik tok ?"
Thn i shout " ME !"
Thn i sent that song to Ivan.
Leaved at 10.15.
It is damn fun can ?
It is sad that we leaved so early just because of my mother luhh -.-
Ask me to be back home at 10.30 but in the end , reached home at 10.38PM.
Thn smsed Durene , weesiong & my friends *smile*
Later making specs as i got short sighted mahhs,
hmm , if i you see me with the specs on , do not laugh at me alrights ?
hmm , now wondering wanna trim my hair mahhs ?
Hais , scared hair length shorter ehhs,

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