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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Finished doing all my assignments liao !
haas , this few days watch finish 8 episode of 'hai pai tian xin' .
Is damn nice & sweet derh can ?
haas , do watch it and you will be addicted to it derh <3 color="#ffcccc">
loveliesa-ddiction@hotmail.com yeahhs(:
&& do taq my blog alrights ?
I hate people that view & run wor .
&& if you wanna invite me to your blog , here is th email ; l0vey0u1314cs@gmail.com
Plurk ; http://plurk.com/WOAISINI
School will be opening in 8 days time & i will work hard lerh !
But think will still use comp on weekends but not that often bahhs,
Badminton blog is dieing liao luhh !
Bowen badminton mates , do taq alrights ?

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