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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas !

Hohoho , Merry christmas !
May god bless all of us and 5 more days , 2010 is coming .
Oh ya , thanks Kah Hwee for introducing hai pai tian xin to me .
I'm so addicted to it lerh .
haas ,
hope everyone enjoys today !
2 more mins aand Christmas is over lerh , bye
and i'm super jealous of that show and envy lerh !
Bye peeps , remember to tag .

Now it is end of Christmas lerh .
Hais , i'm bored to death derh can ?
Seeing that show simply make me damn jealous can ? I just hope you were right with me when i'm watching that show ! It is damn sweet & they are so fuunny ! Shall post tomorrow :X

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