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Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm just lying , dumb !

Damn it man !
Stupid plurk , don't know what happen siol ! -.- !
Hais , so nothing to do thn blog loh .
haas , btw , think my junior want join Badminton ehhs 1
Yay ! LOL
Really hope she can join luhh , cos she's th best junior i ever had !
haas , really luhh .
Same primary school & CCA !<3
hmm , back to blog.
Simply nothing to do and maybe collecting my specs later on .
haas ,
You are th one in my mind . Always & do you know that i loved you for 10 mths plus liao mahhs ? I bet you don't know as i have already say that i give up on you liao & you don't even bother anymore . That's simply a lie from me . Do you really think is easy to forget you ? That's only for you . Opps , sorry , you don't even want to remember me right ? Bet so , who will want to remember ? No point saying all this when i have know you will not be mine .

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