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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy birthday to Cassidy !

Cassidy Sow
Cheryl Lor
Hougang Pri/Bowen Sec

Happy birthday Cassidy LaoPo !
ilovealiveyoularh !

Sweet 13 and i will remember o711{;
Couldn't join th pictures together .
Don't know why eh .
7 more days .
hmm , maybe i will be going AMKhub with friends on my birthday on saturday , 1411o9 .
I am falling back in love but i could only keep th person on my mind . Some people knows who the guy is but i'm scared he know . I also don't understand why ley . But that's just a secret . Thanks farhan for telling me yeah . I understand as i have been through it before and i know the feeling of loving someone is painful but i still don't understand why i still want to love ? Telling the truth , i do not have any relationship that last up to 2 weeks leh . That's sad right ? When i see people with partners , i feel envy and i hope i were them but LOVE have 2 sides .
1 side is that it can be romantic , sweet and loving but the other side is that it can be hurt and make people sad .

8 letters , 3 words , 1 meaing ; i love you
13 letters , 3 words , 1 meaing ; Cheryl love him

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