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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pictures yeah !

This few days went out yeah .
Tissany Sweetsweet's birthday yeah !
Happy Birthday Tissany'sweetsweet !
Sweet 13 lerh wor !
Rain very heavily .
Had badminton .
Meet Durene on bus 156 .
When i reached th bus stop , i saw Karl and Zul .
When i got on th bus , i saw Daryl , Shawn and Marvin .
So sway right ?
Thn couldn't find Durene until i walk to th back then i saw her .
After that , we reached Compass and i shared money with Durene to buy Sweet Corn(:
$1 each .
Physical very vigourous yeah .
Angela , Durene and Tiffany went up my house to help me pass th Dental form .
As they wanted to slack .
I asked my mum thn she allow me to go with them thn i go out with them .
Walk walk walk .
They pei me go to Hougang Primary to fetch my brother back my grandma house .
Thn we walked to Angela's house .
Went to buy bubble tea after that .
They three lent me 20 cents except for Angela , 15 cents .
Bus to Hougang Point .
Walk .
wanted to go playground but suddenly rain .
When to Durene house to have shelter plus she needs to keep th clothes .
Thn play Badminton after that .
Mum called and i went straight back to grandma house .

The end(;

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