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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

cut my hair .

Just now on the afternoon went to cut my hair .
i cut thinner and layer .
somehow , got short a little .

tag replies .
hi . Thanks for your tag . and also thanks .

mei , i link you le .

of cos don't mind . you my steady leh . hahas .

Thanks . got blog . reply with loves !

are you sure you are th "..." ? I don't think so . maybe you are using my gans name wanting me to don't trust her ? Sorry ! i trust my precious baby ! she won't do such things de . please luhh . want tag , write your NICE name . don't use others name luhh .

act cute backstabber ? who the hack are you ? when did i act cute ? i did not say i'm cute and act that i'm cute right . and please . who are you calling the backstabber me ? please luhh . get the facts right before tagging my blog luhh .

okay . takes care to .

thanks for your tag yea . iloveyou too !

no neeed to argue with this kind of person . not worth our saliva de . don't bother scolding them . cos spammers no life mah . let them spam what they want . think they can take things for granted ? NO WAY LUHH PLEASE ! Once they reach my limit , it is over . so it is only up to them if they want to change . but given this kind of character , i don't think so luhh . their own decision .

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