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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Does true friends exist ?

Kind of sad .
Should i remain in pri school ?
I think so .
i don't find any joy in Bowen .
but i did find joy in Hougang Pri .
i love being a HGPians .
I felt that those memories will forever stick to my head .
i really can't forget how united 6.7 was .
we keep disiao each other .
in bowen leh ?
not at all .
friends ?
able to trust ?
NO !
how cann i trust ?
i really don't know what to do now .
should i buy present for Shawn ?
hais .
yes , there are many friends but some are not trustable .
i don't find a reason to trust them .
in the first place , why must i get into bowen ?
i hate being in secondary school !
friends keep fake that he/she cann be trusted ,
but actually not .
nobody knows how it feels .
cos nobody understand that feeling .
i really ...
don't know what to do now ?
cann anyone tell me ?
who is trustable ?
i don't think i cann ever trust anyone in Bowen le .
i regret coming into Bowen .
i really regret !

*oh . i really give up le .
i don't know what to do .
i cann never do anything .
if friendship ends , i don't think i cann do anything .
i really wish we cann be like last time .
so close and more .
but now ?
you infront of me , fake like very good to me but behind my back ,
you told my friend that you don't like me or what .
can i trust you ?
you said you want start a new friendship , in the end ?
i don't think so .
kind of disappointed .
i...i...i.... really give up le .
what you want to do , up to you .
i can't stop you from backstabbing me .

feel free to do so .
it will only cause our friendship to end sooner .
it is up to you to decide whether you want to change or what .
if you don't want to change , the friendship will end .
i think you don't care about the friendship anymore .

Bye .
disappointed on you .

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