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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Don't know what happen today sia .
Today training need do sprinting .
I was like need run .
I run hor .
Like going vomit ike that .
After badminton , ,meilin , jiajie , durene and me disiao mr lim(badminton cher incharge) .
We keep say want sit his car .
Dhen jiajie very funny , keep opening the door .
After that , saw Mr Yeo(Principal) and Mr Tan(Vice prinicipal).
I ask Mr Yeo bring us home .
Dhen he was like at ther laughin .
Dhen mr lim came out , saw the principal .
Mr yeo said that to mr lim:Your student very hyper!
Hais .
Dhen while walking to bus stop , i have the feeling of vomiting .
Dhen JiaJie talk to me , i like don't have the feeling to talk.
After that , went to my grandma house .
Still have that kind of feeling.
dhen eat porridge dhen suddenly gt the feeling , i puke the porridge out.
After a while okayy liao , dhen went tuition .
During tuition , jonathonthey all come .
Dhen he also ther .
I was like quite sad lor.
Dhen after tuition , went home .
Ate my dinner , again have the feeling .
Dhen cassidy ask me call her , i call but don't feel like talking .
Dhen she say the boys ask us whether we fri cann go out .
I told her i don't have freedom .
After that , i took jonathon's no from cassidy .
Dhen i sms him .
After that , i ask him whether someone got go ?
Me:How you know?
He;Err...guess de?
Me:Real ar?
He:lie you for what?
Me:Is he attached?
He:Not sure but think so .
He:Sorry for tellin you the truth.
Felt sad le .
Hais .
Don't know luhh .
I want school reopen so i do not have time to think about all this .

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