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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bored .
Don't know why .
Hais .
Now having headache .
I love all my gans .
They simply rock my life .
They are the most important things in my life .
I can't lose them .
They are mine .
I will promise not to forsake them .
Especially Angeline and XueQi .
I will promise to take care of you two for my whole life .
Angeline is my precious baby(o6o6o9) .
XueQi is my twinny(14o5o9) .
Tomo will be me and Twinny first month anniversary le .
Awaiting hor !
Precious baby , i am awaiting for our first month anniversary hor .
Although it will be quite long , i don't mind waiting .
Although i just know you for 7 days , i felt that i know you for 3 years liao .
You are simply precious to me .
I will NEVER forsake you de .
That's a promise made to you .
I will love you de .
Don't worry !
You will forever be my precious baby de .


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