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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Walao.Yesterday accidentally cut my hand with th glass.
Damn pain de.
I cannot believe it is so pain.
But nothing i can do sia.

Okayy. This is what happen.
Yesterday went back to HGP.
After taht,ask regina to come down her house play volleyball.
After that,we suggest to write smth on a piece of paper.
and bury it under th sand
After that,we saw a glass bottle,we decide to put th paper in.
but it is too big so we take th paper out.
After that,regina tried to break the glass to dig those sand.
But she can't break so i help her.
After that,i use the glass to dig .
I use too much force and the glass break and i cut myself.
It bleed profusely.
I am damn scared.

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