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Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is what I want to tell Shermaine Leong Shi Min:
Shermaine,I really did treat you as my best friend.
I have know you on 2oo5.It had been 5 years of frienddship le.
No matter what,I want you to know that I will always be there for you de.
If you need a shoulder to cry,You have mine.
If you need a listening year,You have mine.
If you need someone to talk to,You have me.
Really.You are really my best best friend.
5 years.Not 5 days.
i won't forget those times we been together.
We have been very close to each other le.
No matter what,I want you to know YOU WILL FOREVER BE MY BEST BEST FRIEND!!!

Tag replies
Y.ueting:Relink me[;
reply:Relink le._.
Wanqin:Hello(:Now's life uh?study hard kay?!anw,Tagggggs and takecares yeah?smiley:D
reply:Hello._.I'm fine.Thanks.I will study hard de. Thanks for your tag.You too take care.
Lionel:O.o change skins>lolx taggies
reply:lol.Yea i did change my skin and thanks for your tag._.
-Sharlenelee:Hello(: Gosh, are you sad? DOn't be kaykay?Sad call me kayy? Jie jie cheer you up!(:
reply:hello Jie. Thanks for your console. I okayy le. He don't even give a damn to it.Never mind. I long forgotten him le.
♥ XueQi:TWINNY .Tagged . Dont sad le kays ? CHEERUP!iLOVEYOU{:
reply:Thanks twinny. I not sad le. I long forgotten him le. So dont worry. iloveyousuperlots._.
reply:Thanks Jie for your tag._.
JonLoh: Hihi(:
reply:Who you arr?
Jearl!(::What about me?? i not your bestie mehhh?? -.-
reply:You are wad?
reply:Thanks for your tag._.
Jearl!(::Hiyaa BESTIE!! misseuu...i give my condolences to your family (: take cares k??
reply:Thanks.Love you♥
21xiiaokaii:yo mei
Lynn:honeyybabyy!!ily! thanks for posting abt me in your blog! meet up soon!
reply:You are welcome. Will yea.

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