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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today went to science centre.
We have so much fun there.
Actually we should go there do things but at the end,i go there take photo.
I shall upload it another rime.
Hais,i really can't stand it sia.Hais.Tomo evening going star cruise le.
I will miss you all de.woaisi those who love me.For those who hate me,i don't think there's a need for me to love you right.No offence!!!But it is really true luhh.
If you don't like me,tell me straight,no need talk behind my back or make it obvious.
I won't appreciate it if you think tellin me straight will hurt my feeling.
If you think it will hurt my feeling,talking me behind my bag will be even more hurtful.
Maybe we are not meant to be friends?
Or maybe we are meant to be like this?
I don't know.
I'll just treat you nicely.
But if you treat me badly,i will also treat you back the same.
If you think you are,i hope you admit.
Everyone has a limit.
If you reach the maximum,you will know what will happen.
If you don't want it to happen dhen you better mind yourself.
Sometimes you say joking,i don't think is a joke.
Maybe you felt that it is a joke,but others may not also think the same.
I hope you understand.
i damn miss my pri school friends.
They rawks de lor.
They all are damn trustworthy de.
Especially the teachers.
Are more caring sia.
I feel like badminton is my boyfriend sia.
I think that i spent m0re time on it dhen anything else.

This is specially for XueQi Twinny:
I wann you to know .
If you are sad,I'll be there for you de.
No matter what,you will forever be in my heart de.
I felt that you are like part of my life.
I really appreciate it.
I will not take you for granted de.

This is specially for Lynn HonehhBaby:
i wann you to know,
no matter what,no one cann replace you in my heart de.
I will remember 14 may de.

This is specially for Shermaine Xinggan Baobeiix,
Xinggan Ba0beiix,woaisini<333,
I have known you for 5 years you know?
I really hope we cann last long okayy.
I really don't wish to lose such a trustworthy friend.
Really.You Are!!!
I wann you to know:FOREVER IN MY HEART!!!

This is specially for MingHui chiobu couple:
Chiobu Couple,woaisini<333
You are indeed kind and chio.
BTW,i wann you to know
if you are sad,you cann talk to me.
If you need a ear,i will lend you mine.
No matter what,we will forever be Chiobu Couple.

This is specially for Jiani:
Thanks for being so good to me.
You are indeed a best friend.
No matter what,we will be best friends forever de.
I hope we cann be happy everyday.

This is specially for Danise Lovingbabe:
Thanks for being so good to me.
I really appreciate it.
Thanks alot.
No matter what,you cann talk to me de.
I am scared you don't like me as friend.
I have this kind of feeling le.
I don't know why i have this kind of feeling.
Just hope you know.

This is specially for Trudy Gan Steady:
You are loved by Cheryl Lor Wan Ning
I will treasure you de.
Forever be my loved ones okayy?

This is specially for Jolene Steadyy:
You are my precious.
I will never let you go de
I will remember 13 may de.
This day will always stick in my heart de.

This is specially for Victoria CoupleBabe:
If you are sad,must tell me okayy?
If you trust me,tell me what really you want to say out.
I'll promise you that i'll not say out de.
I will keep it to myself de.

This is specially for Cassidy LaoPo:
we shall last okayy ??
You went to camp.
IMY leh.
You know how sad i am?
Nobody pei wo sms.
I very lonely sia.
I want you to know.

I Love those who i have mention up there very much.
But don't worry,those who are not mention,you are still loved by me de[:

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