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Monday, May 25, 2009

Quiz tag by XUEQI; TWINNY<333>
1.The person who tag you - XueQi
2.Your relationship with him/her - She is my beloved twinny<333
3.Your first impression of him/her - CHIO&&CUTE
4.The most memorable moments with them - idk ?
5.The most memorable thing he/she has said to you is - iloveyousuperlots<333
6.If he/she becomes your lover you will - Impossible
7.If he/she becomes your lover ,what should he/she improve at - She is already very good le.
8.If he/she becomes your nermy , what would you do - Impossible [:
9.if he/she becomes your enermy, what would the reason be - We will never be enermy de{:
10. The most desired thing you want to do for him/her is - IDK!
11. Your overall impression of him/her is - A kind girl
12. The characteristics you love most about yourself - Nothing!
13. The characteristics you hate most about yourself - Alot to list.
14. The most ideal person you wanna be is - Myself !
15. For people who care and love you, say something to them - ILOVEYOUSUPERLOADS<333
16. Pass this quiz to 10 people randomly who you want to know how they feel about you
1. Shermaine
2. XueQi
3. MingHui
4. JiaNi
5. Danise
6. Lynn
7. YueTing
8. Irene
9. Chye Fen
10. Cassidy

17. Who is 6 having a relationship with? [Lynn]
I not sure.
18.Is 9 a male or female? [Chye Fen]
19. What is 2 studying at the moment? [XueQi]
20. Who was the last person you had a chat with?
21. What kind of music does 8 like?[Irene]
I not sure
22. Does 1 have any siblings? [Shermaine]
Yea. A younger bro
23. Is 4 single?[Jia Ni]
24. What's the surname of 6?[Lynn]
I not sure
25. What's the hobby of 5? [ Danise]
i not sure
26. Do 7 and 9 get along well? [YueTing && Chye Fen ]
No. They don't even know each other.
27. Where is 10 studying at? [Cassidy]
PeiCai Sec
28. Say something casual about your eyes .
29. Have you tried delevoping feelings for 2? [XueQi]
Of cos. We are the best twinnies ever.
30. Where does 9 live? [Chye Fen]
31. What colours does 4 like?[Jia Ni]
I don't know leh
32. Are 5 and 1 good friends?[ Danise & Shermaine ]
33. Does 2 like 7?[ XueQi & YueTing ]
They don't even know them.
34. How did you get to know 8?[ Irene ]
In school
35. Does 1 have any pets?[ Shermaine ]
I not sure
36. Is 7 the sexiest person in the world?[ YueTing ]
37. Are you sexy?
of cos not .
38. What are you doing right now ?
Doing this long long long quiz.

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