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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today went to rollerblading.
Quite fun but too scary le.
I hate myslf super dupa much sia .
Tomorrow having badminton photo taking but i can't go.
Okayy. I SUCK!!!
Why must all this happen?
I hate myself

It really suck.
I don't know why i survive in this world.
I really can't stand it.
Love can't be forced.
Can friendship be forced?
No! Hais.
If you don't like me,please tell me.
Why must i go holidays this evening?
Why must badminton photo taking be tomorrow?
Why must ii be in secondary school?
Why can't i forget him?
Why can't i forget those memories?
There is alot of questions i want to ask.
But who cann answer my question?
I don't think anyone bah.
Just now,i recieved wan ling message that says:
Hey ppl. tmr gt photo-taking. Den sec 2s, bring ur black jersey. Sec 1s, just wear ur pe attire.
ii am shock.
How come it is tmr?
After that, ii told my mum about it.
Dhen she say:
So? What you wann me to do?Next year still have mah.
I was like sad sad le.Dhen i cry le.
When i bathe,i was crying.
Why must it be tmr?
Can i turn back the clock?
I kept crying.
But does anyone care?
Now my mood is not good le.
If you talk to me,my attitude towards you is bad.
I am sorry.
Cos i can't control my feeling le.
I am really damn sad le.
I really don't wann to be sad anymore le.
I was like.
i join badminton and my photo not ther.
How would you feel?
That's exactly the feeling in my heart.
That makes me even more sad.
I think no one cann console me le.
I don't know why.
Just wish ii cann wash off all the memories i had and turn back the clock.

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