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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hais.Just change my new blogskin.
Quite nice?
To me,i think is.
Today i ask him be my gan stead,he heaven reply me sia.
He ask me to online on 8pm.
Dhen i sms him:But what if i can't ?
him:dhen you sms me lor.
me:oh okayy.
Hais. sad.
My phone no batt.
I have to on off my hp.
Hais.I don't think i got anything to post le.
Now replying tag replies.

Tag replies:
♥♥danise(:: O.o don't think too much . i know...
reply:err...you are not danise.
reply:Thanks for you tagg.woaisini<333
reply:iloveyousuperlots.TYTY for all your love.
♥ XueQi: TwinnyTwinny ! iloveyoumanzxc ! <3>
XINYU: TAGG! Relink me @ http://th-suckinglife.blogspot.com/ . Thanks! Rmb to tag my blog anws
reply:Will relink you soon . I will tag you de .
Rebecca: ohh btw ur taller than me ><
Rebecca: Mei (: you missed me out
reply:Jie,i will put you in de . Don't worry
`S.hermaineee: XingganBaoBeiix ,♥ ilovedieyousloads alrights ? One of my bestest & the LONGEST bestie i had ever had !<3>
reply:I also love you<333>
trudy: GANSTEAD. (: woaini <333
passer-by: Lol lah u. cant take photo jiu cry, very funny leyh. U WHAN PATCH BACK WITH SEAN? need my help? hahs.
reply: Who are you!? Why you don't want write your big name. Anyway,i no need your help to patch me and sean .
wanqin: Hello LINQ:D how's life been? taggggggs

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