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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hmm, there's nothing to do now so I guess I'm gonna start posting? Yeahhs, school term ending soon. It's real fast. 2010 isn't a good start and I don't think it is a good ending too. Times flies & I've spent my 1year 10 months in Bowen Secondary. So fast, I'm gonna say goodbye to my Secondary Two books & hello to my Secondary Three books. I guess? :O It have been a really sad year through out everything. But no matter how much sorrow there is, there will always be happiness. Yes, I do have happiness but sorrow seems to overlap it & now I feel nothing but sorrow. Training is extremely tough & I guess I will be crying more often. Running running running. I should just stop thinking of th negative stuff & start bucking up. I mustn't let our effort be wasted. I'm seriously trying my best to lose weight. Stop saying those hurtful words because you won't feel it in a sense of how hurtful it can be. There's always a big gap between us & sometimes, I really feel it's real unfair in this world. Nothing is fair in this world. I have to admit th fact. Let me sum up everything I know within th Year of 2010 ; Tiger.
  • Life is never fair.
  • Th one you trusted th most can also be th one that hurt you th most.
  • There isn't a true friendship.
  • Everybody lies.
  • There's always a possibility of getting left out.
  • Never give up.
  • Perseverance.
  • Times never wait.
  • Never use words that you don't know th true definition.
  • Attitude.
  • Never take things fr granted.
  • Never entrust your secrets to anyone.
  • People do change.
  • Having a bonding team.
This is what I know through out th 10 months. We will never have th same thing even when you found it or replace it with a new one. Gone means gone.

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