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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Special tag fr Zz! (;

Start of th day! ;D
Woke up @ 8 plus in th morning and used my mummy's Ipod Touch to online. After that, walked beside th heavy rain to Point and met Callie. ^^ Tuition was AWESOME! (; After tuition, mummy was waiting fr me! *insertmillionheartzxc!* Ate Roti Prata with Mummy! Aww! Isn't that sweet?!! I know you guys are jealous. :P

To Zz :
Please laa, keep your comments to yourself. You want to tag my tagboard, SURE! Tag it with your lovely NAME laa. Aren't you born with a NAME? Sadded fr you. You're not proud of your name. ): Copy? Wow! That's fabulous! I copy-cat? Copy who? You also never tell me who I copy?!! Anyway, continue to tag ya. && I will be replying your tag whenever I'm free. ;DD

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