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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day #2 : Your crush/ National Day Celebration

Day #2: Your crush.
Is this th current one or th past ones? I have no idea so I can't really feel this up ya.

National Celebration on 060810! :DD
Woke up @ 6.15 like that because my brother wants to go school earlier. After that, took bus 156 with Alyssa and Gerald SunZi. Walked in to school with SunZi and went back to class. Indeed my skirt's damn short. Not because I fold my skirt, but it's because of my ClassTee being too big. :x Had National Parade and went back to class to make some preparation. After that, whole school squeezed in one hall.

Performances up! First was th recollection by th PSLs', follow by NPCC with a song, Sorry Sorry by Super Junior. Follow by `Deal or no Deal'. And reached to th last segmant! Singing time! Sang Let's reach out fr th skies, Stand up fr Singapore and One people, One nation, One Singapore. Had a memorable day indeed!

Sometimes, even if I'm feeling sad, it seems like nobody can see that.

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