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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yourockmyworldupsidedown! (L)

Hey humans! Was a pretty okay week I guess? Hmm, went out on Monday, 140610. Oh yeah! Before I forgot, Happy 13years & 7months day! ^^ (I'm lame :/) Hmm, so went to grandma house as usual :D Went to CompassPoint with grandmummy, mummy, Maverick & Joey ^^ Th lil pretty & cute girl but a naughty girl ^^ As usual, zilian-ed like hell :X So didn't do much over there. Went to Popular to buy assessment books :D Hmm, had training today. Learnt 2 words through running th 25 rounds. DETERMINATION & PERSERVERERANCE :D Nobody looks back during a race. Hmm, having class outing tomorrow but i ain't going though i'm th organiser fr this outing :/ Text me people, i'm seriously bored!
13 more days to Durene's birthday :D

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