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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Your love is my drug. (L)

See th chiobu on top? RICHELLE! (L)
Though, today was our date of gan, but actually we know each other fr a few months. Just now, was just a misunderstanding. Don't think too much alrights? ^^ meheartsdieyou! <3
This week was a okay week (: Went out almost everyday.
Monday > Orchard.
Tuesday > Training and went to HougangSportsHall to restring my racket. BABYPINK! Woots! (Y)
Wednesday > Actually should go dental but changed my mind, went AMKhub with Mummy, Grandmummy, Joey and Maverick :D Went to play arcade and see th pictures ^^

(So cute! My grandmummy!) (L)
Thursday > Went to Dental but gave up after th super rude dentist -.-
Friday > Dental and love th dentist lots! (L) So kind. But needa eat medicine ):

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