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Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy birthday love! (L)

Before I start my post, I wanna wish...
Happy Birthday Durene & Zul! (Y)
Hmm, pretty fine? But life has beenn boring since today. School's starting. I'm starting to regret why didn't I enjoy myself during my June holidays ): So shan't post such a long post yet cos I now not enough time to post such a long post. Changed timetable, changed teacher too. I miss Mr Ng Song Kang! ): Started to miss everything in th past. All I should do now is have to learn how to cherish people and stuff lerh (:

I'm seriously starting to hate you. Can you please fuck off from my life? I don't need you in my life. Simply, I felt that no one can really understand what I'm suffering right now. I'm seriously pissed by your actions and words. Please think before you speak can? You didn't think how hurtful it can hurt. I don't need you to forgive and forget. Think i what! Need your pityness?! NO! You just making me hate you. I FUCKING HATE YOU!

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