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Saturday, June 19, 2010

# 282 : You're alr a lie.

Training was tiring yesterday. Had physical usual. Blisters. Argh! After that, went to Avenue 8 to find mummy. But before that, chatted on with phone with friend while walking to HougangPoint th childcare centre to get th application form. (: After that, took 72 to Avenue 8. Seriously, though my cousin on top ^ really annoys me sometime, but she's rather cute isn't it? When I'm sad, she will come and sayang me. Is damn cute and I trust her. I can tell her whatever stuff I wanna say out and I trust her not to say out (: Sometimes, I really felt that going out with family is fun too though I don't really have that much fun :x
JiaNi : Hey sistr! Time fr long wall post! Hmm, what I like about you is that you're a super great friend! Whenever I'm sad, you're th first person that I want to find and talk to. Though we ain't in th same cca, but we still can be as close. And hor! What I like about you is that we share one common interest in a food and tha...t is LAKSA! xD yummy tummy ^^v you're prettaye, cute, friendly and last but not least, you never fail to make me laugh. One example would be that time I go dental, you text me one message and ask me not to laugh so loud as I'm in a public yourockmywotldupsidedownsistr! (L) ohya! You're th very first friend that I met when I came into bowensecondary! thank you for being there whenever I need you!

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