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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tags replied :D

Tag Replies
MEILIN: omg please lah u are not fat at all lo
Owner: I am. just that some people are hiding th truth from me.
`♥;Phoebe Rein!: tagg back . thankss for the tag . :] those kind of spammer heck one . i tell you they all come here kp nia.
Owner: Lauqhs, thanks ^^ Don't care them ^^
Jolene.:Hello, Thankkkkkkkkkkkks!! Yoou jys too!
Owner: Lauqhs, welcome & thanks ^^
`HAZELNEO : Hey girl WeiLe came toHGP last Friday. come back soon (: Btw, tags and did youuh link me up? :P
Owner: Hey girl, i'll go back to HougangPrimary soon alrights? Soon after my Mid-year is over. Saw your blog that WeiLe injured his wrist, is he okay? I'll link you up yeahhs (: Jiayou fr your SA1 alrights?
Owner: Thanks babe!<3>`Jasslynnn: Hiie , mind adding me in msn at : twisted-thlove@hotmail.com ... Thanks
Owner: Erm, don't mind.
JiaJie: hmmm cheryl if u think u suffered alot wht abt those children who dun have legs, hands?
JiaJie: We must be happy with our life as we can walk speak see and many more things yeah.:D
JiaJie: Fat is just a stupid thing that all of us have.. Dun have fats will easily get flu u knw.:D
JiaJie: And fat = CHUBBY like me.XD I'm always cute.=x Ok sry for spamming Jiayou fr mid-yr!:D
Owner: i know i am quite fortunate lerh but somehow, everyone suffered isn't it? I'm alr happy that i can see, walk, speak and many more. Lauqhs, no fats will get flu derh meh? You hor! Very BHB ley. You cute? :X It's okay. You are not spamming, you are talking sense to me yeahhs (:
Grace.: Babyswheet. Haha, tagged! Luvluvz.
Owner: Thanks babysweet<3 href="http://pinchmycheeks.blogspot.com/">Yakult.: Thanks for your tag!
Owner: Welcome :]
ashly: jiayou for your mid year exams!!! taggies btw!
Owner: Hey, thanks! You too ohh(:
Durene: Hey tagged!
Owner: Hey, THANKS!<3 color="#ccccff">ahSOTONG/.x: smile babe ur perfect. love u!
Owner: Hey, thanks <3 href="http://heartshoppingladies.blogspot.com/">hsl : [url=http://heartshoppingladies.blogspot.com]
Owner: O.o
IRENE: Tagged cheryl!
Owner: Hey, thanks babe!<3 color="#ff0000">kah hwee: tagged.=) study well =)
Owner: Lol. Thanks ^^
JiaJie: Everybody have regrets but who cares just look forward to things u should treasure.;D And NO BGR!
JiaJie: WAIT FOR MI RMR?xD Hahahah! Ok...
Owner: LOL. Thanks. Thanks fr reminding. NO BGR FOR CHERYL!(: WOOTS!
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