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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Must we live with regrets?

One week has past like this. No badminton, no life. Simple as that. No badminton, no Cheryl. So there isn't a perfect Cheryl this week. Moodswing, no appetite & STRESS. So if i have attitude towards people, i apologise fr that. But some deserves it ya. Whatever it is, Everyone has a limit to their tolerance. So do remember this. Sometimes, we regret lots of stuff. Be it studies or other stuff, but must we live with regrets? I'm really suffering with all those regrets. So people, do not live with regrets. Life was really tough. Everyday, i have to worry is there any tomorrow. I'm really scared. One day i close my eyes, i'm gone. I'm scared. But there's no one fr me to turn to. I could only worry every moment. But don't worry, i will live on derh! People, please remind me that there isn't BoyGirlRelationship fr CHERYL. There are both (+) & (-). But to me, i only had (-). Do cherish everyone. Treasure your friends before you lose them, && OBVIOUSLY relatives. Don't start to treasure when they are gone. You will surely live woth regret. Fr me, my regret is i didn't enjoy myself @ HongKong, didn't study well, didn't train hard, didn't play well, didn't treasure th times i had with primary school friends, && SHOULD I REGRET KNOWING YOU?

Let th pictures talk ;

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