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Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun but tiring.

Hey back!
This week was a relaxing week & a fun week. As what i have mentioned in my previous post. Had 3 papers this week. Thursday no school as it is a marking day. But i had to wake up @ th normal timing as there is training @ 7.30am. Early right? Argh! But no choice. Met Jolenta, followed by MeiLin thn we walk to Durene house. We was alr late. So when we step into th hall, everybody was like looking @ us. So embarrassing derh can? Thn Mr Lim call us to do 40 push up, after that, he asked we were late because we wait fr each other right. We was like stunned & we nod. So we had to do extra 10 more together. What a nice morning isn't it? *Sacarstic* But it's actually alright as do more physical is good (: Today is commemorating Sports Achievement so we were expected to wear CCA Jerseys. && got back SCIENCE paper. Was quite satisfied woth my result. Followed by PE. Wasn't satisfied even though i got Silver lerh. After that, briefing fr cross-country fr next friday. D: Damn far. Scared will lose my way. Argh! After that, slacked with Angela & Durene till 6 plus.(L)

Being there fr you is my reponsibility.
But will you feel th same way to me?
How many days have past?

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