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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Remedy without voice

Was quite sad today .
Because today Mr Loo mention to th whole school that all 3 Division get into Top 4 .
Was really sad about it .
But never mind , we will have our chance next year .
Hmm , and also i have no voice because yesterday was cheering fr th B Boys .
Their opponent was Canberra .
Kinda tough but we still made it .
First single , Liang Jun .
Although he didn't win but his opponent was really very tough .
I can see that he put in a lot of effort inside because he make it a rubber match .
It's okay Liang Jun . All th way yeahhs !
First double , hao fang & Zul .
We won ! They were really very pro !
All th way guys !
Second single , Benedict.
He's also very pro (:
Although he didn't win , but we can see he tried his best .
Second double , David & Chung Yang .
They played together with th third single .
Third single , Karl .
Victory on our side .
Was cheering for karl .
Made that Canberra coach pissed :P
Nehneh pupu !
We was cheering , he also put his earpiece on .
He was losing badly and he got pissed off , he called us to SHUT UP !
We was like ah pek , relax luhh .
Thn Mr See went forward and talk to him , in th other way round , Mr See's face suddenly very black .
After that , Karl score a point , we scream towards th coach direction -.-
Who ask him want scold us fr ?
&& thn another Canberra th coach say our school no integrity -.-
I was like WTF !
Our school where got no integrity ?
Is it because you all lose to us that's why like that say ?
SORE ! -.-
Tomorrow will be going HongKong liao .
Will be back on Monday{150210}
Do keep my blog alive yeahhs !<3
CherylLorWanNing'243795! will miss you all derh !
Oh ya hor !
Before i forget ,

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