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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tags replied !^ ^

Heyhey , had a new nick ; babyning . Next time , i shall use this nick to tag people yeahhs(: so do remember that th name is me(: hehe . Texted with quite a lot of people today yeahhs, and was happy that he and seniors came back, i'm really bored ! Have been using comp from morning till now ehhs, so i bet my eye sight degree will surely increase and i will soon need to wear specs lerh, hais, and people , please do tag me and keep my blog alive by tagging it(: i will also post yeahhs ! Hmm , replying tags today bahhs,
Tag reply;
xStar ; O.o, (:
babyning ; heyhey(:
SUMIKI/. ; ps, is you are ?
; yuo are ?
babyning ; i'm cheryl and i was just blog hopping just now,
Amanda, ; Babycandy, Love you loads alrights ^^ xo;
babyning ; heyhey , babyning loves amanda'babycandy luhh! <3
120809520, (L)
; hello gummy . tagges ya xD. link me up too!

babyning ; hello gummy !^^ thanks for your nag and surely and you are linked !<3
BabyTing ; Hi plurk friend !
babyning ; nono , we are CANDYLESBO !<3
; link mi up thx babycutie n do give ur hotmail so i cn invite u

babyning ; gave you lerh !<3
http://www.th-undyinglove.blogspot.com/">ahYUN(Minako) <br> ; Siaozhabor ! link me
babyning ; you're linked !<3
Hazel ; Hey paperhearts
babyning ; hello paper heartz !<3
jesslyn ; u are linked liao btw here your tag with lot of love yeah do tag me too
; hello link me at http://www.the-sweetheart-loves.blogspot.com.com/
babyning ; sure(:
MEILIN ; tag tag my blog alive le , so link me ba
babyning ; link le ley ! Hope you was having fun over there ?
vivian ; relink http://i-pwn-edyou.blogspot.com/
babyning ; will link you soon alrights ?
l0n3ly-boi ; hey jie , linl me hor.btw,taggies..smiles^_^
babyning ; thanks(:
Huihui ; Hello darling
babyning ; hello(:
Chin Teng ; baby star <3333
babyning ; ilovediebabystar !<3333
babyace ; Oh hello. :B hah
babyning ; hello babysweet !
Amanda ; Hey, plurk friend here yeah. Tagged , link you soon
babyning ; sure(:
Durene ; Hey ! Wow ur song oso chinese , i goin to change to chinese song.
babyning ; lauqhs , i see(:
Cheryl ; Hey! imma frm plurk LINK ME! and tag
babyning ; Thanks for your tag and you are officially LINK !
And lastly , Happy belated birthday mummy !

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