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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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10 to go.

1. Are you single: hmm , yeahhs,
2. Are you happy: okay luhh
3. Are you bored: yeahhs , very!-.-!
4. Are you fair: okayokay luhh
5. Are you indian: nopeeeee.
6. Are you stupid: maybe ? in r/s bahhs,
7. Are you honest: Depends,
8. Are you irish: what's that ?
9. Are you nice: of cos !^^
10. Are you asian: yeahhs;D

Ten Facts.

Full name: Cheryl Lor Wan Ning
Nickname: Babyning
Birthplace: KK hospital
Hair colour: Black
Hair style: Layer , V-shaped && sland fringe
Eye colour: Abit brown and black,
DOB: 14th November. ;D
Mood: abit sad D:
Favourite colour: light pink and light blue !^^
One place you wish to visit: Beijing(:

Ten facts about your love.

1. Been in love:Yup!^^
2. Believe love in first sight: hmm , don't think so.
3. Currently have a crush: Yes.
4. Hurt emotionally before: yeah...
5. Broken someone's heart: err... yeah :X
6. Have your heart broken: Have
7. Like someone but kept in heart: Yes ?
8. Are you afraid of commitment: Huh ?
9. Last person you hugged: forgot lerh,
10. Last person you said ILYs: Forgot ehhs :X

This or That.

Love or lust: Love.
Cats or dogs: dog(:
Best friends or regular friends: Best friends !
Creamy or crunchy: crunchy.
Pencil or pen: Pencil(:
Wild night out or romantic in: Romantic in
Money or happiness: Happiness !^^
Night or day: Night !._.
IM or phone: Phone ! O.O

Have you ever.

Been caught sneaking out: nopeeeeee.
Seen a polar bear: Yah.
Done smth you regret: Yep :X
Jumping: Huh? lols,
Eat food that fell on the floor: NO!-.-!
Eat an entire Jaw breaker: what's that uhh ?
Been caught naked: Of cos not !-.-!
Wanted boyfriend back: Last time :X
Cried because lost a person forever: err...yeahhs,
Wanted to disappear: Had give it a thought before

Preference in love.

Smile or eyes: Smile.
Light or dark hair: Dark
Hugs or kiss: Hugs ^^
Shorter or taller : Taller !
Intelligence or attraction : Attraction.
Violent or pathetic: None of this.
Older or younger: Must see th situation ehhs,
Sweet or bad: Of cos sweet !

Have you.

Performed in a large crowd: yeahhs,
Talk on the phone longer than an hour: have uhh.
A rock concert: nopeeee.
Cheerleading team: hmm , have.
Dance team: Last time.
Sports team: Current and she is loving it^^
Drama play or production: During lifelit exam.
Owned rich cars: nopeeeee.
In a rap video: nopeeeee.


Last call you made: Durene.
Hugged: Forgot ehhs,
Hung out: Durene , Ashly , Christel&& Meilin.
Work: -
Talked to: Aunt
You IM'd: Jennifer'girlf
Texted: Jayer'gummy and Durene.
Movie: My girlfriend is an agent.
Last person or thing you miss: Him.

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