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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Days that i spent with friends

Back to posting .
Cher let us do our own things and we were quite noisy .
Went to Angela's place and chit chat with her and JiaNi .
After that . Angela help me tie my hair .
Quite nice ! She cann be a hair dresser lerh(:
-Maths{actually should be Lifelit}
Went to maths homeroom .
WOW ! Cool ! Th air con .
so cooling(:
Grouped with Rebecca , Grace and Yasar .
Did some maths question and Mrs Iszal release us earlier .
Went with Elaine and Crayson .
Ate chicken chop as there is not much people buying at that time .
After that , saw JiaNi , Danise , Irene , Angela , Meilin , Tiffany and Durene(:
So we ate .
That's really BORED!!!
Th lesson is extreme boring .
Stand up for around 20-25 mins .
That's unbelievable !
Watched movie .
Also very boring as i don't understand what it means .
-After school
Went to bus-stop with Christel , Meilin and Durene .
Took bus 156 straight to Compass .
Called Trudy GanSteadyy where is she and she said she is going out .
That was sad cos i thought we two can meet up marh .
Thn we went to buy cup walker .
That was really big and it is damn ex .
Saw Julie and Annabelle .
Sat on th walkway into th MRT there to eat .
We look like camping over there .
Thn Durene , Meilin , Christel and i was playing 'Dare or Double Dare' .
Th bottle pointed at Meilin .
She said Double Dare and asked me .
Durene ask th two of us to say hello to those nan chiau's boys over there .
Thn i went with Meilin , but she was th one doing th talking .
After that , went to take th LRT to Farmway .
Training as per normal .
But th only difference is we did NOT do PHYSICAL !!!
That's cool okay .
Their physical is damn vigourous .
-After badminton
LOVE Training larh !
hehe .
played Captain's ball with 1E3's qirls .
Kind of fun but very tiring .
Have lots of fun yea .
Went to maths homeroo for lessons .
So cooling again . LOL
This is th last maths lesson i'm going to have .
Mrs Iszal is a great teacher !
I love her larh ! as teacher wor .
Saw Meilin buying Western .
Ran to her and asked her to buy .
hee !
Thanks alot babe !
Continue to watch that video .
again almost going to sleep .
Mr Lim was late for lessons .
Left only 30 mins .
-After school
Bus straight to compass with seniors and friends .
Went to buy bread .
Took LRT to Farmway for training .
Did footwork , lobbing , drill and more .
Sadly , we needa do physical .
Whn doing clutches , me and Meilin stomach cramp .
-After Badminton
Went to Mac to buy Ice-cream .
Thn me and Durene took bus 159 to Hougang Point to meet our Mum(:
whole day was doing th maths trial .
That was super fun .
Keep solving th maths questions !
Was sweating all over sia .
After that , we went to th last station and we got 51/60 .
Woohoo !
Went to ask Mrs Iszal for her number but she don't want give .
Went to canteen to eat with Angela .

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