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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Had Post-Exam Activity(:
Went to th Kranji Memorial .
Was on th bus and i sat with JiaNi .
Took lots of pictures with her !
My cherry !
After that , went to Kranji .
Saw a lot of tombstone .
Just knew that th first president , Yusof Bin Ishak is buried over there .
Second president , Mr Benjamin too(:
Actually wanted to take a closer look of th first president tombstone but not enough time .
That's sad !
After that , went to Changi Musuem .
Knew a lot of history over there .
After that , took bus back to Bowen again .
Went to school at around 7 plus with Angela .
Went back to class to do th 'Use Your Hand Campaign' .
Didn't do much anyway .
So we waited for Mrs Wee to return us back our report book .
She talk and talk .
Finally got back th report book and i cann promote to Sec 2 NA !
That's a great thing !
Soon , i will become a Sec2 student lerh .
After that , went to bus-stop to find Chye Fen and we took 156 to Hougang Primary .
Went in to find Miss Lee first(:
Chye Fen kept talking to Miss Lee .
After that , went to canteen .
Chat with Mr Chia .
Damn funny larh !
Thn went to find Miss Tor .
She was having lessons with her class .
I asked her whether i can join her class marh .
She say you want .
I say ya .
Her class is really damn cute !
I love her and her class larh !
Holiday coming .
I bet i'm going to rot at home lerh...
Sad right ?
Now still wondering where to go for my birthday with friends .

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