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Friday, September 25, 2009

Tag replies

Tag replies(:

Jolene. :B :STEADYY <3

{Cheryl}:Hello ! Thanks for your tag wor ! Last long with your stead wor !

cermeliaaa:relink me....tagged.....

{Cheryl}:Will relink you de(: Thanks for your tag wor ! Good luck for your EOY !

rebecca:Mei never relink me oh D: lilnotesof-love.blogspot.com ! Must relink ! ;D Taggs with love ! <333

{Cheryl}:P/S Jie . Mei will relink you soon de ! lauqhs ! Good luck for you EOY wor !

Durene:Will relink you soon.(: lol.

{Cheryl}:LOL ! Thanks&&Sorry for th trouble wor !

Durene:Tagged. (: And JYs for ur EOY !And dun forget abt badminton too. Haha!

{Cheryl}:Thanks for your tag(: hmm . you too wor ! Must JYJY ! We still got tournament de hor !

CHANEL:So sweet[: Meheartyou too ! Will link you soon alright.

{Cheryl}:lauqhs . Where got sweet ? Oh . Sorry for th trouble wor sis):


{Cheryl}:Thanks for your tag wor(:

Cassidy: oh okay ;D will relink you.

{Cheryl}:Thanks yea lao po !

l0n3ly-b0i: arlo jie,jiayous 4 ur end of year...MUST GO EXPRESS NEXT YEAR hor...

{Cheryl}:Hello di ! hmm . sure cannot de luhh ! damn stress de lor ! Must tag me often arr ;D

Christel:heyyyy cheryl~ tagged (:

{Cheryl}:Thanks Christel(: JYs for badminton wor !

edlynn':xD. can youu link me ? thanks

{Cheryl}:Will relink you soon de . Sorry arr .

Cassidy: TaG (:

{Cheryl}:Thanks thanks(:

P0kerB0ii: here to tag lttle sis

{Cheryl}:Thanks Kor(: hmm . JYs for your EOY , badminton&&your B-Boyzz(: Tagg me often hor !

wanqin: Hey ling!!! MISSYOULOADS<333>


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