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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sorry for not blogging frequently le .
hais .
parents say i can only use comp during weekends le .
sad .
i have alot of things to say leh .
oh ya .
daddy went overseas on wed and he is coming back tomorrow .
Hey guys , most of you should have finish you CT2 by now bah .
Sept hols is coming le .
Must take good care of yourself wor!
hahas .
but as usual .
mon,tues&&thurs still need go sengkang sports hall for badminton training .
training is starting at 8.30 am .
hmm .
meeting Durene take 156 to compass dhen at there take LRT to Sengkang Sports Hall .
hahas .
long time never go there le .
hahas .
plus i don't want hols leh .
so boring .
i wish everyday got school .
if got hols , i want go out with friends .
but surely can't de .
hais .
so touched when i go to Danise' and JiaNi's blog .
their wishlist put "outing with cheryl' .
damn touched leh .
one is my lovingbabe , another is my cherry~sweethart .
so sweet ! th both of them .
hmm .
wanna wish daddy a happy belated birthday yea .
hais .
xie lao shi leave le .
1A2 CL students will miss her, her laughter and her jokes plus being caring towards students .
will remember everything she done for us de):
and also 1A2 class outing is cancelled as final-year exam is coming soon .
left with only 31 days more .
to all my friends :
Good Luck in your final yea . Hope all may promote to Sec 2 NA or maybe even Express(: This is Cheryl's wish towards you all guys . no matter what , i will support you all de . To all my friends in 1A2 , hope we next year cann still be in th same class which is 2A2 . Times really flies very fast . So fast finish Sec 1 le . Left with 3 months more to Sec 2 le .
I really want to thanks those who help me forget shawn throughly de friends .
They really help me alot .
Console me and also cheer me up .
CHERYL.LWN will remember de[:
if you are sad , Cheryl will be right there for you .
if you are happy , Cheryl will be right there for you and celebrate th good things with you .
this is what friends are for .
i will cheer my friends no matter what .
thanks for all your cares .
Cheryl love her friends , gans and families .
This post is delicated to all CHERYL.LWN friends .

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