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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Long time never post le .
School days as per normal .
Let me start the post with a warm applause*clap*
okay .
Let's start from thursday , 27/o8/o9
The talk is about cyber bullying .
There's a video consists 5 characters .
after that , they talk about blogging .
We have lots of fun(:
i love xie lao shi .
but sad .
xie lao shi leaving le .
i will miss her de !
have workshop .
using th machine saw .
so scary .
thanks teacher for your help .
don't wish to talk about lifelit .
after that , school ends .
started raining .
JiaJie say she want walk under th rain .
i say siao arr .
later bag will wet de .
dhen we went to th backgate and wait for bus 165 to HSH(Hougang Sports Hall)
after that , training as per normal .
i love badminton and mates !
no matter how stress i am , badminton will be th cure for my stress de .
no need be upset de .
cheer up okay(:
mei love jie de!
badminton will be th cure for us okay?
cheer up too hor!
hahas .
stay hyper!
i love sweethoney!
she rocks yea !
put in more effort in studies hor!
no slaking anymore!
my bestie!
jiayous for history yea(:
we will make it de(:
no matter what , i will be there for you de!
my lovingbabe(:
she rocks!
love her!
Jiayous for history okay ?
forever lovingbabes!
;Boon Fu
you good!
today call you say what you don't want talk=.=
you hor!
anyway , congrats wor!
must tag me hor!
stupid kor!
don't be emo le hor!
you hor!
will upset Jie de leh ,
next time want cut , we cut together okay ?
don't feel emo yea .
jie will always be there for you de(:
Jiayous for your history too._.

That's the end yea .
keep tagging hor!
will miss you all de!

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