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Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy early birthday{Singapore}

Today have lots of fun in school .
i wore white tee shirt to school(:
Have lots of fun over there .
me,irene and Danise is damn hyper de !
we sing along alot of songs .
we even have Don't Forget The Lyrics organised by the councilors(:
That's extremly fun .
tomorrow morning will be leaving Singapore le .
will miss all my friends for sure de !
hais .
will only be back on monday night .
and i can't receive any message from Singapore even if i bring my phone over there as i don't have auto roaming .
sad !
sorry ppl .
don't worry !
i will miss you de !
oh yea ,ppl , tues got lifelit Saffy's angel test wor !
JYs !
o6o8o9 is loved !
i really love today !
thanks ppl !
Happy early birthday SINGAPORE!!!
Sweet 44th year of impendence !
i'm still trying to forget him .
i think i can soon forget him .
no point loving a guy which dont have feeling for you .
sian !
later got tuition .
meeting ZhaoBohs .
home sweet home at 9 plus bah .
tomorrow 5 plus need wake up le .
nt sure whether cann anot .
this year is the first year celebrating National Day in Bowen .
I'm super hyper today !
Thanks BOWEN !!!

that's all ! cya readers(:

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