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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Currently chatting on phone with Ivan and Reuben .
Don't know what to post .
I'm really very disappointed sia...
i ask Ivan whether i stupid anot .
dhn he say in what way .
i say in LOVE .
dhen he say ya .
hais .
i love him but i felt like i'm loving a fool .
as i felt that i'm fool for loving him .
to him .
you think i have already given up on you .
Yes !
you are 60% right !
i'm already trying to give you up but i realised i can't .
i'm really tired le .
i want to change school but i think it doesn't help .
it will only waste my parents money .
i want to quit badminton , but i'm wondering why should i just because of you quit badminton .
i say bad things about meilin , dhen you come and tag my blog .
yea . you very good ! i'm always the wrong .
i'm always WRONG!
i love you is WRONG .
i say her is WRONG .
dhen what you want me to do ?
you making it damn obvious !
you think say give up dhen cann give up arr ?
you think say forget cann forget arr ?
you don't know how it feels de .
cos you cann never feel the pain .
i'm really trying to give up !
what you want me to do?!
i'm starting to hate my life!
my friend says that i'm stupid just because of you harm myself for .
you are the only guy that makes me feel that i'm just wasting my time on you .
i've really been a fool for 6mths!
i think i'm just someone who is damn stupid to be devote to you .
it doesn't makes sense to me why in th first place i love you .
I'm extremly stupid..
i ask you to tag , you don't want ,
but about meilin's matter , you come and tag me .
don't you think you are stupid?!
i think that you are selfish .
you want to be very close to her cann .
i don't mind but you are just making it obvious to me !
i have nothing to say about it...

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