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Sunday, July 12, 2009

tag reply

oh . you are just a passerby wor ?
I did treat all my friends fairly .
I understand the feeling of being back stabbed .
So ?i think you should think about it before tagging my blog .
now is my turn to ask you .
If ppl said bad things behind your back and you found out ,
what would you do ?
Please get this clear .

Hey biitchh!!! Thanks for your tag wor ! iloveyou too !

will link you back soon de .

hahas . Okay . thanks for your tag .

okay . thanks . will store your no de .

iloveyou too ! CASSIDY IS LOVED!!!

psps . going link you le . my surname is lor .

;Edwina T.♥
Thanks . love JieJie !

thanks for your tag .

iloveyousuperlots too ! <333

going link le (:

hahas . Thanks for your tag .

hello pei shan ^^ i miss you lots too . Meet up soon wor !♥

Thanks !♥

Thanks for your tag !♥<333

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