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Friday, July 10, 2009

this week and last week need take twice daily temperature.
kind of used to it le.

got badminton.
is not really badminton but is like just play game nia.

Youth day !
So wake up at 10 plus and went to grandma house.
after awhile , jesslyn sms me say they going hougang mall,ask me whether want go.
i say not sure.
after my mum come back , i ask her whether i cann go .
she agree.
so went to meet Cassidy and Jesslyn.
saw elroy.
then we compared our height.
after that , went back to tuition .
rain like hell lor!

but is actual training luhh.
so there is only sec3s,sec2s and sec1s.
kind of weird as there are no boys.
but training as per normal.

went to school as per normal.
after school , went to Hougang Point with ,
Elaine , JiaNi , Edlyn , Crayson && Danise.
eat MacSpicy .
after that , tiffany and irene joined us as irene sms say that mr farid scold them.
after that , walk to Elaine's house to do homework.
but in thee end like go there zilian lor.
not zilian , send pic or even songs.
after that , went to hougang point and zilian again.
that time only jiani , elaine , tiffany and me .
when zilian that time , ppl keep walking past .
like very paisei like that .

which is today , go to school per normal.
chat with JiaNi.
talk talk talk.
keep chit chatting .
so fine talking to her.
i enjoy talking to her!
she has become a part of my life liao.
stay back too.
do homework!

tomorrow got badminton training.
first time saturday go back for training .
nothing to post liao .
cya !
ending here ,

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