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Friday, June 26, 2009

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Beiwen :& link me babe. like edwina said, some guys are plain dumbdumb. hardys .tctc
Reply:Will link you soon . Thanks for consoling me !
beiwennn ♥: heeyys juniorr . tagged ohs (: & cheer ups ? its his lost for leavin you, you're a great girl (:
Reply:Thanks alot ! woaisini<3
Siuwen :D: LOL you didnt leave your link haha
Reply:Hahas .
Edwina T. ♥: Relax. Guys Don't Have Any Significant
Reply:Thanks ! Hais . But i really love him leh .
durene: Yo! Tagged wor! Hahas
Reply:Thanks ! Hahas .
♥ANGEEEEELA: ohoh, tag for you ! take cares. ;D
Reply:Thanks !
EdwinaTengShiMin: hello-ohhs! i was here to TAG
Reply:Thanks .

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