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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Missing him

Why must all this happen ?
I really don't understand .
You have really hurt me !
Maybe you don't felt that bah .
I have really put you deep in my heart le .
but you just gave me hope .
In the end , you have pushed me away .
You have really disappoint me .
I really regret knowing you .
You are just using me .
I really ...
Don't know what to do now .
I cann only use times to heal my heart .
Just hope you can be happy after all this .
But i don't think i can be happy anymore le .
I can only fake smile .
And just tell myself that we can only be friends .
No matter what .
I don't wish to think all this le .
To everyone:
This is for both boys and girls .
Hmm... Now is really not the time for relationships .
Just cherish your friends .
And also concentrating on studies .
We are still too young for boyfriends or girlfriends .
Just don't think about it .
Nothing can last except for friendship .
So don't regret .
It is really up to you to listen or not .
Cos guys are not worth it .
Nothing will last .
They are basically lies .
Or maybe even fairy tales .

Nothing to post le .
Byes .

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