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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tag replies
'XinYu♥:TAG JIE! LOVE YOU HORHS! Must rmb me hor!
XueQi:My Dearest Twinny . If anything happens must tell me kay.I'll be there for you [:
humaira: hi tagged ya...hahas
reply:hi,Thanks anyway
KAILING:wahh. your love for him so deep...opps.didn't mean to upset yu...btw TAGGED!
reply:My love for him so deep,you can see but he just don't bother to feel and see.You didn't upset me.I am so stupid to fall in love with this kind of boys.
S.kor:Dun sad kayz,man there is always other better boy then him rite juz give ureself sme times dun sad cheer up
reply:Thanks for everthing.WOAISINI<333.>
S.kor:sorry sometimes or maybe all the times i nv msg u back bcoz i have to talk to my GF i only got 500 free msg pls understand
reply:Kor,i understand de. Don't worry okayy?But sometimes i thought you angry with me.But now since i know the reason,I'll understand de.Don't worry,Kor[:
S.Kor:cheer up
reply:Thanks. I will de.WOAISINI<333
: Shermainee: woah woah , dont tell me S.KOR is my di horhhs xDD hahas , btw ,xinggan ! TAGGED &WOYEAISINI♥♥♥ hope we last long , 4 years of friendship is still going on ! ILOVEYOULOADS♥
reply:I think he is bah.Thanks for everything you have done for me.I really appreciate it. We will last de.Don't worry.No one can replace each other in our heart de.WOAINIYIBEIZI<333>
'JiaXin(: :Mei! cheer up kayys?you will surely someone btr thn him kayy ? ily CHIOBY!!!<333
reply:Thanks for your console.WOAISINI<333>
Fasha: cheryl!!!chiobu!!hahas...tagged liao
reply:Thanks for your tagged...I not chio luhh
KAILING: k sure!!
KAILING: ohh. seem like im older!!haah!MEI !! <3333
reply:Hahas...Thanks very much.JIE,WOAISINI<3333

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