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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aii...damn bored de lor...Hmm..yesterday got history project presentation.
I was like keep repeating myself den my history teacher say i am repeating.
I hate history lor...hmm...i tink i will fail my history class test sia...
Today got drama exam as our mid-year
does not have any paper as we are usin the drama marks for mid-year.
Today,our class went to the canteen stage to practice our drama one last time.
I went to change my clothing.
Irfasha,nasrah and i went to the toilet near hall...
we went that toilet to change.
When i come out from the cubicle den they so chio.
Nasrah and i act as the same role.
We are the DAWAN.Nasrah say this Dawan is mordern.
We have one mordern Dawan and a so call old dawan...
Hahas...o offence to Nasrah.
Actually i decide to wear my skirt but i think it is quite short.
I went to ask Mrs Lee if i can wear,after that she ask me to wear it over my school skirt...
but i can't cos the skirt inside got pants le...
No choice,wear school skirt...
After changing,a few mins after,lunch break.we went for lunch break
but i don't feel like eating,so danise,jiani and I did not eat.
while walking,Irene cousin cried.
I was so damn shock de lor....
den i ask her wad happen den she sae jonathon kick her leg
den i go find jonathon.I ask him com...
den i ask him why he kick irene,den he sae irene made spoil his pen(those kind,50 cents de).
elaine heard that.
She damn angry go scold him,den got commotion.
After that,suddenly there's clapping from almost all the ppl in the canteen.
After that,we went for drama exam.My group is Group 1.
Actually we should be the first to perform but bcos of Dinesh Kumah.
He came in late.I don't know wad happen and i started crying.
All my friends ask me why i cry...
they ask me cool down if not it will affect the performance.
So i cool down a little and i am bak to the hyper Cheryl le...
After the drama,Danise ask all the retards family members
to stay back to take photo as she wants to upload the photo to our retards blog.
We take lots of lots of pics....
we are damn....Chio and cute...(not me)
I love retards family forever.It rawks sia...
Now,i really thinks that Danise,Durene,Irene,Edlyn,
Jia Ni,Tiffany and Elaine .They rawks my life._.
Lurb lurb them no matter wad...
I never stop loving you,I just stop showing it....missing you****

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