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Thursday, March 19, 2009

What would i B?

Where wuld i b if my frens were'nt there for me?Support,encouragement,movies,sleepovers,neoprints,latenight calls,laughter &tears.Soon we will seperate when we age,bringing our sweet and bitter memories along wif us.Tears stream from our eyes as we graduate,knowing we might nvr b together again.

"24 sweets hrs make 1 sweet day" "7 sweet days make 1 sweet week" "4 sweet weeks make 1 sweet mth BUT...."1 sweet person like u makes life sweet...

wo ai ni 1314...siang rang ni zhi dao...wo yong yuan zhi hui ai ni yi ge....na jiu shi peng you...ru guo wo men mei le peng you...wo men jiu hui hen ji muo le.....wo zhen de hen ai ni siang ni....yong yuan zhi you ni...hai you yi ge ren...xi wang ta you kan dao zhe xie dong xi...

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