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Friday, March 20, 2009

Basically quiz...

10' Are you's
1.Are you single-Ya
2.Are you happy-Not really
3.Are you bored-Yea so damn bored...
4.Are you fair-nope
5.Are you italian-nope
6.Are you intelligent-Of cos not
7.Are you honest-That's of cos...
8.Are you nice-Of cos i am...I am friendly too...
9.Are you Irish-No...Singaporean rawks...
1.Full name-Cheryl Lor Wan Ning
2.Nick-Lor mee
3.Birth place-KK hosipital
4.Hair colour-Black but got a few strands is red...i think bcos i sprayed red b4 in cheerleading...
5.Natural hair style-Straight
6.Eye colour-Brown
7.Birthday-14th november 1996
9.Favourite Colour(s)-Hot Pink,Red and Black&White
10.One place you like to visit-Seng Kang Swimming pool

10 things about my love life.
1.Have you ever been in love-Yes
2.Do you believe in love at first sight-Hmm...Dun think so...
3.Do you currently have a crush-Ya...
4.Have you ever been hurt emotionally-Yea
5.Have you ever broken someone's heart-Nope
6.Have you have your heart broken-Yea
7.Have you ever liked someone but never told them-That's for sure...
8.Are you afraid of commitment-Nope i think so...
9.Who was the last person you hug-Forget le
10.Who was the last person you said I love you to-Someone

10 this or that
1.Love of lust-Of cos love but even if i noe the meanin of lust i will still choose love
2Hard liquor or beer-Dun
3.Cat or Dog=Doggy of cos...so damn cute but i dun have a chance to have it...
4.A few best friends or regular friends-Maybe both?
5.Creamy or crunchy-Crunchy
6.pencil or pen-pen!!!
7.Wild night out or a romantic night in-Both!!!
8.Money or happiness-happiness
9.Night or day-Night as it is more romantic wor..
10.IM or phone-Phone

10 HAve you ever's
1.Been caught sneaking out-nope...i very guai de...
2.Seen a polar bear-yuP..in the zoo wor...
3.Done something you regret-That's of cos..damn lots...
4.Bungee jump-Nope
5.Eaten food that fell on the floor-No...so damn dirty
6.Finished entire jaw breaker-nope..dun even noe wad's that
7.Been caught naked-RIDICULORS
8.Wanted an ex gf/bf back-yea but kana rejected sob sob no feelin le...
9.Cried bcos you lost a pet-Err...nope...
10.Wanted to disapper-No..it is wonderful to meet hyme...y shud i disappear?

10 preferences in a patner
1.Smile or eyes-smile cos it is sweeter
2.Light or dark hair-Err...not too sure leh...
3.Hugs or kisses-One by one...
4.Shorter or taller-I wan hyme to be taller
5.Intelligent or attraction-Intelligent..if it was a attraction,he will attract gals and i will be jealous wor...
6.Topman or zara-Huh?dun understand..
7.Funny or serious-Funny...cos if i sad or angry,he will make me happy and laughin...
8.Older or younger-Of cos older...i dun wan to have a gossip or havin "jie di lian"
9.Outgoing or quiet-outgoing
10.Sweet or bad-Sweet and romantic...

10 Have you's
1.Ever performed in front of a large crowd-Yup
2.Ever talked on the phone for longer than 1 hr-Yup
3.Ever walk on hands-Nope
4.Ever been to a rock concert-Nope
5.Ever been in a cheerleading team-Of cos still enjoy alot wor...those ppl love dance must join...damn fun de lor...
6.Ever been in dance team-Of cos...that was my cca in pri skol...
7.Ever been in sports team-Err...Does it includes Badminton?If yes...den ya...
8.Ever been in a drama play/production-Ya...Bowen Sing to the dawn
9.ever owned o BWW/Mercedes Benz/Escalade/Hummer/Bentley-Nope
10.Ever been in a rap video-Nope

1.LAt phone call you made-Xiiao En JieJIe
2.Last person you hugged-Forgot le...
3.Last person you hung out with-Chye fen,Cassidy,Alyssa and heidi
4.Last time you worked-'o8' help my uncle to distribute flyers
5.Last person you talked to-Xiiao En JieJie,Chye Fen,Cassidy,Alyssa,Heidi and Jesselyn
6.LAst person you IM'D-Huh?wad's that?
7.Last person you text-Gail(my badminton senior)
8.LAst person you went movie with-Forgot le wor...
9.Last person/thing you missed-Hgp Darlinks,Hgp teachers and family...and hyme...
10.Last website you visited-Blogger.com
10 ppl to do this-
Shermaine Jie Jie
Jia Jie
Chye Fen
Li xuan
Xin Rui
And simply those who are free and want to do...

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